Traveling Tips Traveling Tips

TSA Information for Traveling

Traveling with a baby:

  • Lap babies (under 2 years of age) fly for free domestically, and are usually charged a percentage fee internationally. 
  • Check with the airline about needing a passport and/or birth certificate for your baby.
  • When booking your flight, consider the time of day. You may want to fly during naptime, or even at night, so your baby will sleep through the flight.
  • Know the rules and regulations for your airline and the TSA. Check for policies on pre-boarding, carry-on, and traveling with formula or breast milk. Many airlines with check in a carseat and stroller for free.
  • If your baby is sick before the trip, talk to your doctor.  You want to make sure he/she has no ear infection or other health issues before you depart.
  • Make sure your diaper bag has extra diapers, wipes, clothes, food, pacifiers, toys, and blankets.Let your baby nurse, drink from a bottle, or suck a pacifier during takeoff and landing to reduce ear discomfort.  You can give pain relief medication (acetaminophen or ibuprofen) 30 minutes before take-off (and landing if it is +6 hour flight) to help with ear pain.

Travel Vaccines Travel Vaccines

Traveling to other countries can mean exposure to illnesses not commonly seen in the U.S.  We offer Typhoid Vaccine and Malaria Prophylaxis Prescriptions in our office. For other vaccinations, you may have to visit the travel clinic.


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